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started playing guitar at the age of 9 I had no guitar teacher so I would pick out the note that I heard off of my sister's record player. at the age of thirteen, I began to study classical guitar but quickly lost interest because it wasn't led zeppelin. I started my first band in high school with some friends, we played mostly hard rock tunes like van Halen, rush, and so on. at the age of twenty I put my first project together called phoenix I wrote all original of the band unfortunately after a year the band never got off the ground. A few years later I met a singer and we put together called chaos. we played all original songs and were together for about two years as that project de-solving I and the drummer of chaos put together a rock cover band. we played the Columbus day opening show outside of the American West arena to a big audience. I have produced music scores for 3 independent films multiple commercials for local radio and televisions stations