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WCET Radio (Down From With-in)

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Everyone keeps asking me 2 things mainly!

#1 What happened to Peter Kling

#2 What happened to WCET Radio

Well, the first of the two I can not answer, however, the second of the two I would be happy to explain one more time, which is why I am writing this blog.

So January of 2019 after closing shop with my original hit show Late Night in the Midlands & The LNM Radio Network I rebranded as WCET-FM and only kept a hand full of shows to remain with my new network.

Running a network by yourself is a lot of work, so that's why when Dr.Jason Rand came to me and told me about a friend of his who was a marketer and web designer I was more than willing to accept the help. He put me in touch with Victoria Smith of v Smith media, who offered to redesign my website and in return I would advertise for her on WCET Radio.

So some weeks would go by and Victoria would finally contact me to get started on the new website, so we got started and I should ad! never was my website acceptable during Victoria's time with WCET. I will discuss the website more in a moment. Victoria contacted me one night about slander on the net about me and my show from an unstable individual in another state and I warned her to not try and contact them because it would not turn out well, and she did it anyways. Victoria asked my stalker to remove the slander and then he targeted her also. Never let your stalker know you are bothered by what he or she does and you certainly never ever ask someone so unstable as this stalker to do his target a favor. However, Victoria did and it blew up in her face and she took three others down that rough road with her, how you may ask. well, I will tell you how. Victoria recommends I bring in partners because she says if it's not just me the stalker will stop because he would be overwhelmed I guess,I knew better but ok. So against my better judgment, I picked three guys who I trusted and two of which I carried on my networks for years.

Michael Bahas, Tim Roxbury & Riscalla Stephens was my selection.

So for the next year or so I would run the network with all of us being stalked now and slandered on one hand and me being used and plotted against on the other hand.

So let me cut through the chase and get to the point here, long story short, I had partners yet I did all the work. Baha thought all he had to do was toss me 100 bucks every month and he would be free of doing any work, That was Mike Bahas's contribution and the only contribution he ever gave. When you have a partnership you do it to share the duties and the cost but tell that to these guys.

Tim Roxbury I have no complaints about because he at least tried to help often. Tim would post news and do some things with the website ect, I was upset with Tim for believing them guys and following them, but to his credit, he apologized and admitted he made a mistake. Tim is back on my network as a host and I am happy to have him.

Riscalla Stephens I always liked, Thought he was my friend, I thought he was a good man, I thought I had good judgment also but obviously, I am human and I make mistakes also.

So let's address what happened here in the nutshell.

Michael Bahas, Riscalla Stephens & Victoria Smith all plotted behind my back to steal host, steal listeners and hang me out to dry.

Let's start with Victoria, I felt like Victoria was pitting us all against each other. She felt like information was being leaked to our stalker and she always pointed the finger at one of the team causing suspicion and disruption. Victoria one night called me and suggested it was Dr. Rand and she even went so far as to suggest Dr.Rand stole files from her computer. Dr.Rand can not even set up Skype.

Then She suggested CC was leaking information, CC was a producer for the network and a valuable asset for us and she caused problems we did not need.

Next, she would suggest that Chip Reichenthal was leaking information, anyways she made us all suspicious of each other. She also purposely in my opinion never got my website up to par. Everything I asked her to do she would tell me that we can't do it for one reason or another however she did do it all on Their new website hmmm.

I felt like her ideas were outdated and not radio station compatible.

She claimed she did not know they were setting up their own network however she did know, She built their website !! Also when she left, my site was left disabled and unusable and she refused to tell me why. She did it on purpose is my guess.

She was also getting info from me and then passing it to them. I should also add that Victoria took me away from a website setup I was familiar with to one only she could work on hmmm

I have now built my own website and it is far better than anything she attempted to build for me.

She did a good job on their website though. The funny thing is she did their website the way I asked her to do mine. Water under the bridge now, I just want to warn anyone who may seek her services and share my experiences and thoughts on it all.

Michael Bahas, the snake in the grass, Some Veteran he is.

Michael was the mastermind behind the deception, convincing the guys my network was failing and they should come with him. He paid Victoria to double cross me and work for him.

His big crime was he called the LLC company and illegally changed MY LLC to remove himself Tim and Riscalla from it. He had no permission and no grounds to do so. He never even consulted with me about any of this. I was advised to have him arrested by the LLC company and they feared I would sue them. I could have but I am not as rotten and mean as these cupcakes say I am. I never thought Michael was a good host or even a guest but I wanted to help him grow and this is the thanks I get. I should add that Michael Bahas and his actions cost me 1300 dollars and an audit from the IRS which I passed with flying colors because I keep it real unlike others.

This could have ended peacefully, they could have come to me and said this is not working out and we would like to go our own way. Pay their dues and be done with it, instead, they plotted behind my back like cowards because not one of them had the balls to face me because they knew they were wrong. Bahas contacted CC who produces shows on my network and attempted to talk him into double-crossing me. He even offered cc money. Some people can not be bought. Thank you cc. He contacted all my hosts and on and on trying to hurt me. WTF is wrong with this nobody?

Riscalla Stephens

What can I say about Riscalla, We go back a bit, I was on blog talk radio at the time in 2009 it may have been. Riscalla would call in my show often. He had a good head on his shoulders and kept the interest of the audience so I offered him a show on the LNM Radio Network and for 12 years I carried him on my network. I never charged him a dime, I never told him what he can and can not discuss. I hooked him up with great guests like Dr.Coldwell however after 12 years Riscalla would finally stick the knife in my back. I was most surprised by this and highly disappointed.

Riscalla not only went along with Bahas & Smith but he would go so far as to call my Autumn and tell her to get away from me because I will never love her and I am a very mean man. He talked a lot of shit about me to her and for that, I can not forgive. As far as being a partner he was terrible. He showed up at the end of meetings if he showed up at all . He did nothing but his shows. He never loaded an archive or

set up a playlist or even touched the website and if I may add and I will, he never helped pay for anything at all. So maybe you understand now what happened to WCET and why I have no love for Riscalla Stephens and Michael Bahas or Victoria Smith.

Riscalla is ok on the air if you like crying all the time and his being so gullible. Remember he said Trump was still president blah blah blah and they are being arrested lol yeah when Riscalla?

I will end this on a high note!

I meant it when I said I will never quit until my maker calls my number, I love radio and I love the listeners. If I could afford to I would go five nights a week still and maybe one day I can again. I will never make the mistake of trusting anyone again when it comes to my show and my network. The V.A.R.A Network is the final stop. I will ride this one to the grave.

I fund everything myself and upgraded every piece of equipment I have. So yes I ask for donations from time to time.

The LNM Radio Network & WCET FM is all a branch of The V.A.R.A Network so those networks never died they just took a new form.

I hope it was worth it for a network called "Trim" They should trim the bs and get to the truth.

Also, shame on them for treating Tim Roxbury the way they have. He has been sick and had heart surgery and these guys gang up on him for his trying to help and fix something on the website. They locked him out of everything erasing his archives and all. It's a Pretty rotten thing to do but I would not expect anything less from them.

Michael Vara

The V.A.R.A Network

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