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Russian troops move into eastern Ukraine, China to invade Taiwan Next?

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Russian troops have moved into eastern Ukraine, rumbling across the border into areas held by pro-Moscow rebels, Putin will order a full-on invasion in Ukraine and now watch for China to invade Taiwan. This is the plan and is why the United States election was stolen and a senile sell-out to China & Russia was inserted in the white house. This will escalate and in the long run, watch for cyberattacks on our digital infrastructures such as our power grid and the internet itself. I have told you time and time again over the years that this was the plan and it is unfolding before our very eyes. Get yourself plenty of storable food and fresh drinking water and for your protection load up on ammo and guns because they will try and take them before they take us.

Let's see where this is all heading and I can only pray I am wrong.

Hours after tanks and 10,000 troops moved into pro-Russia breakaway enclaves, the Kremlin said further territory held by Ukrainian forces should belong to the two self-declared republics.

Mike Vara

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